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DLC | New Dem Dispatch | October 3, 2007
Bush's Dishonest Case For Vetoing S-CHIP
Though it was hardly a surprise, President Bush's veto of bipartisan legislation reauthorizing and improving the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) was still breathtaking in the fundamental dishonesty of the case he made for his action.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | October 2, 2007
Elephants With Very Short Memories
It's time to end the fiscal madness, and a good starting point is to expose the GOP's ludicrous efforts to claim the mantle of fiscal sanity.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | September 20, 2007
Democrats Getting Health Care Right
With the public increasingly demanding action on health care in response to ever-rising premiums and steady erosions in coverage, it's clear Democrats, and only Democrats, are rising to the challenge.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | June 22, 2007
Bush's Stem Cell Stand: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Passed
On every front, it's time to overcome opposition to embryonic stem cell research as a bad idea whose time has long since passed.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | June 11, 2007
CIA Plan Blows Cover on Contractor Costs
We applaud the CIA for planning to trim its contractor staffing by 10 percent. It's a step in the right direction for all federal agencies.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | June 8, 2007
Crime Up, COPS Down
It's certainly no time to deny police departments the help they need to turn around the upsurge in violent crime. And we encourage presidential candidates in both parties to make this a serious issue in 2008.

The Politico | Opinion | May 22, 2007
Debt Adds Up to National Security Deficit
By Paul Weinstein Jr.
The 2008 campaign is already defining itself as a contest over how to solve the problems George W. Bush will leave behind. To the long list of messes the next president will have to mop up, add another: the astonishing growth of America's budget deficit.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 23, 2007
Age Wave
By Janet Napolitano
It's time to prepare for the graying of America.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 23, 2007
Bad Rap
By Peter Ross Range
[S]ometimes we need to be reminded of what we're up against. That's why I'm disturbed by the bad rap that has bedeviled a 2005 documentary film called Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 23, 2007
Fierce Feminist
By Peter Ross Range
If you read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's riveting autobiography, Infidel, the cultural clash in Europe is mostly about gender violence and the suppression of women in service to a "culture of virginity" that springs not just from social custom but from the heart of Islam itself.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 23, 2007
Mindless Meld
By Fred Siegel
Anti-Americanism, explains Andrei Markovits in his new book Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America, "has been promoted to the status of Western Europe's lingua franca."

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | April 20, 2007
Gonzales Indicts Himself
On his own testimony, Attorney General Gonzales is both an incompetent administrator and a stooge of the White House political operation. His performance is inferior to that of the U.S. Attorneys whose firings he now, sort of, defends. We deserve better in a chief law enforcement officer of the United States.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | April 13, 2007
Idea of the Week: Government Reform
Democrats must keep focused on the need for a reform agenda that ensures the abuses of the Bush era do not recur, and makes the honest and efficient performance of the federal government once again a national priority.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | April 5, 2007
Iraq After the Veto
Congressional Democrats are rightly engaging the Bush administration and its Republican allies in an effort to force a fundamental change of strategy in Iraq that will wind down our conventional combat presence while giving Iraqis a decent chance to take charge and survive.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | February 9, 2007
Lou Dobbs Is Wrong, But ...
Lou Dobbs is wrong about open trade policies decimating America's manufacturing base. But the anxieties he reflects are very real, and must be addressed boldly and immediately.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | February 6, 2007
Plan B on Iraq
With his "surge" of U.S. conventional combat troop levels in Iraq, President Bush has persisted in his increasingly isolated quest for an ill-defined "victory" in Iraq. But all of us who oppose the president's plan have a responsibility to define a "Plan B." Here's ours.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | January 24, 2007
SOTU: The Not-So-Bully Pulpit
The time when President Bush had the credibility or support to lead the country may well be largely past. He and his administration must now decide whether to follow or get out of the way.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | January 17, 2007
A Change In the Weather
This year's Senate debate on McCain-Lieberman will provide a critical test of the progress the Senate, the country, and particularly the GOP has made in coming to grips with the climate change crisis.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | January 12, 2007
Bush's "New Direction" in Iraq: Nothing New
Despite all the talk about President Bush hearing the verdict of voters and seeking bipartisan solutions, he in fact advanced a proposal on Iraq almost perfectly designed to polarize the parties, the Congress, and the country.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
Curing Globaphobia
By Will Marshall
A growing economy is supposed to help political incumbents. But instead of profiting from prosperity in the 2006 elections, Republicans got flattened by a mighty gust of globaphobia.

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