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DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 8, 2004 | 
Stay and Win in Iraq
By Will Marshall
America has about six months to break the resistance and give the new Iraqi government a fighting chance to survive. It would help if our leaders stopped casting anxious glances toward the exits.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | February 6, 2007
Plan B on Iraq
With his "surge" of U.S. conventional combat troop levels in Iraq, President Bush has persisted in his increasingly isolated quest for an ill-defined "victory" in Iraq. But all of us who oppose the president's plan have a responsibility to define a "Plan B." Here's ours.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
Grand Strategy
By Kenneth M. Pollack
Why America should promote a new liberal order in the Middle East.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 17, 2006
Worst Laid Plans
By Peter Ross Range
When the history of the history-writing of the Iraq war is written, Cobra II may well be seen as a watershed document. The new book by New York Times reporter Michael R. Gordon and retired three-star Marine general Bernard E. Trainor is as thorough a report on the pre-war planning, combat execution, and post-war policy failures in Iraq as we are likely to see.

DLC | New Dem Daily | April 11, 2001
The Right Words for China
We're glad the Administration found the right words to say to China to get our airmen back. But the United States must continue to say the right words -- both of encouragement and warning -- to keep China moving along the path to lawful and peaceful participation in the world community.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 9, 2006
European Dilemma
By Fred Siegel
Tony Blankley's new book, "The West's Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?," takes up the impact of Islam within Europe.

Admin | Memo | October 28, 1990
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