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Energy & Environment
Clean Tech
PPI | Policy Report | March 6, 2007
Plugging Into The Grid
By Joseph Romm & Peter Fox-Penner
If government takes a few smart steps to help spur their commercialization, plug-in hybrids could easily become an important part of American's energy future.

PPI | Policy Report | March 6, 2007
The Promise of Biofuels
By David J. Hayes, Roger Ballentine, & Jan Mazurek
Clean burning motor fuels made from homegrown crops hold the potential not just to help break America's oil addiction and curb its greenhouse gas emissions, but also to revitalize its agricultural sector.

PPI | Backgrounder | December 1, 2004
How America Lost Its Clean Technology Edge
By Shamarukh Mohiuddin
The Bush administration's backward-looking energy and environmental policies have left the United States ill-equipped to compete with other nations in the booming global market for environmentally clean technologies.

PPI | Policy Report | December 1, 2004
How New Environmental Technologies Can Stimulate Economic Growth
By David Rejeski
America's once-pioneering laws and policies made us an early leader in environmental technologies, but we are falling behind other countries that have enacted less prescriptive, more modern environmental policies that help drive continued technological innovation.

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