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Work, Family & Community
Building Community Wealth
DLC | New Dem Dispatch | September 21, 2007
Idea of the Week: Letting All Homeowners Benefit from Mortgage Interest Deduction
Making mortage interest deductions available to taxpayers who don't itemize their returns would provide tax relief to low- and middle-income families who want a piece of the American Dream.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 23, 2007
Graduation Party
By Bruce Reed
If college is the ticket to a society where our nation can prosper and every citizen can get ahead, we need more degrees and diplomas, not more dropouts and debt.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 18, 2006
How to Grow the Middle Class
An excerpt from the American Dream Initiative report for Blueprint Magazine.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
Second Act
By Peter Ross Range
Is the American dream of a middle-class life fading away?

DLC  | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
Democratizing Capitalism
By Austan Goolsbee
The rich are getting richer because of their high-return investments. Progressives should boost incentives for everyone else to get ahead.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 23, 2005
Shrinking Underclass
By Will Marshall
Following dramatic declines in the welfare rolls, there's more good news on the anti-poverty front: The urban underclass seems to be breaking up.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 30, 2003
Building a Real Investor Class
By Gene Sperling
Instead of the class war President Bush is fighting for the wealthy, we should help all Americans save.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 30, 2003
HomeSAFE Home
By David Billings
A Nashville program aims to undermine the markets where predatory lenders thrive.

DLC | New Dem Daily | April 30, 2003
Bush on the Working Poor: "Let 'Em Hire Accountants"
At the very time that the Bush Administration is pushing for somewhere between a half trillion and three quarters of a trillion dollars in new tax cuts targeted primarily to wealthy Americans, it's also thinking about getting tough with working poor families who get back a total of about $32 billion in earned income tax credits (EITC).

PPI | Front & Center | March 19, 2003
Dividend Proposal Would Hit Affordable Housing
By Anne Kim
As if there isn't enough reason to declare the proposed dividend tax cut D.O.A., housing advocates are now warning that eliminating dividend taxes would undermine affordable housing construction.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 21, 2002
Fast Cash for the Tax Man
By Anne Kim and Alan Berube
Tax preparation services in poor neighborhoods generate quick refunds. But they cost their customers, and the U.S. taxpayers, too much. A few easy policy initiatives could change that.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 15, 2002
Looking for a New Vision for an Old City
By Fred Siegel
Newark is stuck in the past, but young politicians -- like Cory Booker -- bring fresh ideas for renewal.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 25, 2002
Blueprint Profile: Paul Grogan
The President of the Boston Foundation and CEO's for Cities says his group tries to unite a city's business, political, and academic sectors to maximize economic opportunities.

DLC | New Dem Daily | August 3, 2001
Idea of the Week: Banking the Poor
Progressives in and out of government need to encourage banks to begin seriously competing with fringe institutions for basic financial services for the poor.

PPI | Policy Report | August 2, 2001
Taking the Poor Into Account
By Anne Kim
By effectively entering low-income markets, banks can not only make profits for themselves but can create a great deal of good for low-income consumers and their communities.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago | Transcript | April 5, 2001
The Unbanked and the Alternative Financial Sector
By Anne Kim
Discussion Comments from the Federal Reserve System Community Affairs Research Conference entitled: "Changing Financial Markets and Community Development." The conference was held April 5-6, 2001 in Washington, D.C.

PPI | Backgrounder | January 19, 2001
Urban Economic Prospects in The New Knowledge Economy
By Rob Atkinson
Urban areas can and should pursue high-tech growth. Succeeding in growing, expanding, or attracting high-tech employment will raise standards of living in the region and expand economic opportunity for residents. But doing so will require difficult political choices.

DLC | The New Democrat | December 20, 2000
Ridding Neighborhoods of Abandoned Housing
Atlanta, Cleveland, and more recently Detroit have moved to streamline the process of monitoring and reselling vacant properties.

DLC | New Dem Daily | December 19, 2000
New Markets Initiative: Real Bipartisanship
As part of the last-minute agreement between the Clinton Administration and Congressional leaders over the budget, President Clinton added one final item to the list of truly bipartisan accomplishments that were enacted on his watch: the New Markets Initiative aimed at helping low-income urban and rural neighborhoods develop their private-sector economic potential.

PPI | Policy Report | September 28, 2000
Community Workforce Partnerships
By Kenan Patrick Jarboe
Community Workforce Partnerships (CWPs) would catalyze a holistic approach to a community's employment needs; giving workers access to training, education, and other critical support services; and helping the firms where they work modernize to meet the demands of the New Economy.

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