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The New Economy
New Economy Politics
The New Atlantis | Article | November 1, 2003
Does Digital Politics Still Matter?
By Robert D. Atkinson & Shane Ham
Digital politics, if not the great issue of our age, will be central to the life of the nation in the years ahead.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 25, 2002
Bush listens to Coolidge, McKinley, and Rove
By Robert D. Atkinson
The Bush economic team is marching in lockstep to the policies of the past -- the very distant past.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 2, 2000
Who Will Lead in the New Economy?
By Robert D. Atkinson
The political parties face a choice that will determine their relevance for years to come: embrace the liberating forces of the New Economy, or fall behind. The party that catches the wave will dominate.

DLC | The New Democrat | May 1, 2000
Digital Politics
By Robert D. Atkinson & Shane Ham
A Field Guide to the Camps and Contours of the Internet Policy Debates.

DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 1999
Future Shocked
By Robert D. Atkinson
In The Future and Its Enemies, Virginia Postrel argues that the real fault line in American politics lies between those who welcome and those who resist the future.

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