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Last year, we outlined in an edition of Blueprint Magazine, 2006: The Year of the Governor, how Democratic governors were racking up important policy accomplishments in both red and blue states across the country. This year, progressive governors are once again laying out aggressive agendas for meeting their states', and the country's, top priorities. Recently, we outlined the Democratic governors' agendas for 2007, as described in their State of the State addresses, in a series of New Dem Dispatches:

New Democrat Governors' Agendas for 2007:

  • NDD: State of the States: Economic Development
  • NDD: State of the States: Education
  • NDD: State of the States: Health Care

In addition, the DLC continues to work with and highlight the innovation of New Democrat governors across the country. We have compiled this page to highlight recent accomplishments of New Democrat governors and will continue to add new items as their innovation continues. In addition, below you will find a few recent news articles highlighting some of their recent policy innovations:

New Democrat Governors' News Clips:

  • Beebe: Graduation rates will set higher ed funding, by Doug Thompson, Arkansas News Bureau
  • 31 states target global warming, by Janet Wilson, L.A. Times
  • Go green? Go West, by Ronald Brownstein, L.A. Times
  • Failing Schools See a Solution in Longer Day, by Diana Jean Schemo, N.Y. Times


New Dem of the Week: Ted Strickland

Making College More Affordable

P-20 Councils

New Dem of the Week: Phil Bredesen

New Dem of the Week: Kathleen Sebelius


Energy & Environment

Building Clean Cars

Trimming State Energy Use

New Dem of the Week: Chet Culver

Government Reform

Balancing Budgets Responsibly

Budgeting for Outcomes

Charter Agencies


New Dem of the Week: Deval Patrick

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius On Helping Parents Succeed

Keeping Kids Safe in the Electronic, Interactive World

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and the DLC Work To Help Moms Succeed

Health Care

Age Wave
By Janet Napolitano

New Dem of the Week: Jim Doyle

Rx Discount Card for the Uninsured

New Dem of the Week: Chris Gregoire

New Dem of the Week: Ed Rendell


Economic Development

Bringing in Foreign Investment to Create Jobs

Getting Manufacturing Back on Track

Strategic Growth Initiatives

University Venture Funds

New Dem of the Week: Tim Kaine



Remarks of Martin O'Malley at the 2007 DLC National Conversation
By Gov. Martin O'Malley

Regional Homeland Security Initiatives

Fusion Centers

Blueprint Magazine

Age Wave
By Janet Napolitano

Easley's Audacity
By Ed Kilgore

Democrats Governing in Red States with Ed Kilgore

2006: The Year of the Governor

Democrats Governing in Red States
By Gov. Tom Vilsack


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