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Congressional Agenda

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As the world changes, Americans are searching for leaders who can help ease their -- and our country's -- transition into the new global environment. Whether it is providing greater opportunity and financial stability as industries change, expanding access to college, lessening our dependence on foreign oil, or ensuring safer neighborhoods and communities -- the American people want a new direction. Never was this more evidenced than by the resounding rejection of the status quo and the politics of cynicism delivered by the American voter in the 2006 election.

With their victory last November, congressional Democrats are well poised to lead the country during these tumultuous times, and answer Americans' call for real vision and leadership that puts a premium on problem solving. This Congressional Agenda offers concrete proposals on how to address the most pressing issues facing our country, and offers a blueprint for expanding opportunity and making America safer and stronger in this new century.

Policy Agendas

Globalization and Trade

Health Information Technology

Progressive Energy Policy and Global Warming

Universal Access to College

Policy Agendas (Cont.)

Homeland Security

Retirement and Pensions

Stronger American Families

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