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Blueprint: Ideas for a New Century was published by the Democratic Leadership Council from 1998-2007. Here is a complete listing of back issues.
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Vol_2007_No_1 DLC | Blueprint Magazine April 23, 2007
It's Time for an Ideas Primary
Volume 2007, No. 1: It's time to put the New back in New Democrat.

Blueprint_Issue_39 DLC | Blueprint Magazine January 4, 2007
The Center Strikes Back
Volume 2006, No. 5: Voters rejected extremist politics and incompetent government. Now Democrats must work to build a lasting majority.

BP_Issue38 DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 18, 2006
The Plan
Volume 2006, No. 4: A new book by Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed on what Democrats can do for our country.

Blueprint_Magazine DLC | Blueprint Magazine July 22, 2006
Saving The American Dream
Volume 2006, No. 3: Bold ideas for America's future.

Blueprint_Magazine_Issue_36 DLC | Blueprint Magazine May 17, 2006
Defeating Jihadism
Volume 2006, No. 2: A new book edited by Will Marshall offers a five-part plant to defend liberal democracy.

Blueprint_Magazine_Issue_35 DLC | Blueprint Magazine February 9, 2006
2006: The Year of the Governor
Volume 2006, No. 1: Democrats governing in red states.

Blueprint Magazine DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 21, 2005
The Can't-Do Presidency
Volume 2005, No. 4: America can do better.

Blueprint_Issue33 DLC | Blueprint Magazine July 23, 2005
How America Can Win Again
Volume 2005, No. 3: There's nothing wrong with the Democratic Party (or the country) that a positive agenda can't fix.

Blueprint_Issue32 DLC | Blueprint Magazine May 31, 2005
Drain the Swamp!
Volume 2005, No. 2: Ten reforms to end the culture of corruption in Washington.

Blueprint Magazine Issue 31 DLC | Blueprint Magazine March 15, 2005
What We Stand For
Volume 2005, No. 1: How Democrats can answer the one question that matters.

Vol.2004_Issue5 DLC | Blueprint Magazine December 13, 2004
Seeing Red
Volume 2004, No. 5: The road back

Blueprint_Magazine DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 7, 2004
The Case Against Bush
Volume 2004, No. 4: 2004 Election Issue

Blueprint_Magazine_Issue28 DLC | Blueprint Magazine July 25, 2004
The Comeback Party
Volume 2004, No. 3: Special Convention Issue

BP_2004_n2 DLC | Blueprint Magazine May 7, 2004
Going, Going, Gone!
Volume 2004, No. 2: How the Bush economy is costing America jobs and shrinking the embattled middle class.

BP_2004_n1 DLC | Blueprint Magazine March 23, 2004
How Kerry Can Win
Volume 2004, No. 1: The road to victory.

BP_2003_n6 DLC | Blueprint Magazine January 8, 2004
It's the Middle Class, Stupid!
Volume 2003, No. 6: Bush is shafting the middle class. Here's our plan to save it.

BP_2003_n5 DLC | Blueprint Magazine November 20, 2003
The Collapse of Bushism
Volume 2003, No. 5: Bush is repeating the mistakes of the past. Now Democrats must offer a vision for the future.

Blueprint_v_23 DLC | Blueprint Magazine July 27, 2003
Bring Him On!
Volume 2003, No. 4: How Bush has failed; How to beat him; Our plan for America.

BP_Stop_Thief! DLC | Blueprint Magazine June 30, 2003
Stop, Thief!
Volume 2003, No. 3: George W. Bush's secret plan to raise your taxes; Grover Norquist's blatant plan to bankrupt America.

Blueprint_Magazine DLC | Blueprint Magazine April 15, 2003
Volume 21, March/April 2003: The Soldiers Bush Forgot.

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