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The New Dem Dispatch -- "The View From The Vital Center" -- provides pithy news, commentary and analysis from the Democratic Leadership Council. You may subscribe by email on either an "as published" or weekly basis. You may also get the New Dem Dispatch Handheld Edition on your Palm Pilot, Visor, Pocket PC or web-enabled cell phone.
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September-October 2007
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DLC | New Dem Dispatch October 3, 2007
Bush's Dishonest Case For Vetoing S-CHIP
Though it was hardly a surprise, President Bush's veto of bipartisan legislation reauthorizing and improving the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) was still breathtaking in the fundamental dishonesty of the case he made for his action.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch October 2, 2007
Elephants With Very Short Memories
It's time to end the fiscal madness, and a good starting point is to expose the GOP's ludicrous efforts to claim the mantle of fiscal sanity.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch September 21, 2007
Idea of the Week: Letting All Homeowners Benefit from Mortgage Interest Deduction
Making mortage interest deductions available to taxpayers who don't itemize their returns would provide tax relief to low- and middle-income families who want a piece of the American Dream.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch September 20, 2007
Democrats Getting Health Care Right
With the public increasingly demanding action on health care in response to ever-rising premiums and steady erosions in coverage, it's clear Democrats, and only Democrats, are rising to the challenge.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch September 14, 2007
Bush Buys Time, But For What?
As in so many issues, the Bush administration appears to be buying time for no particular purpose beyond refusing to admit mistakes and change course, at a horrendous cost in life and treasure, and in the opportunity to end the Iraq war in a way that promotes a viable Iraqi state, and U.S. security objectives as well.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch September 12, 2007
Idea of the Week: Stopping Tainted Food At the Border
This week, the Progressive Policy Institute released a major new report on imported food safety which offers a clear four-part plan for radically improving inspections.

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