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Economic & Fiscal Policy

Blueprint Magazine | April 23, 2007 |
Running on Empty
By Paul Weinstein Jr. and Katie McMinn Campbell
Bush has busted the federal budget. Here's how Democrats can save $1.8 trillion and restore some fiscal order.
Plus: A Progressive Plan to Cut $1.8 Trillion from the Federal Budget

Budget Strategies

Elephants With Very Short Memories

Idea of the Week: A Progressive Economic Message

CIA Plan Blows Cover on Contractor Costs

Debt Adds Up to National Security Deficit
By Paul Weinstein Jr.

Idea of the Week: Why and How To Restore Fiscal Responsibility


Work & Incomes

How to Really Help Low-Wage Workers
By Thomas Z. Freedman

Raising Our Game
By Edward Gresser, Paul Weinstein, Jr., and Will Marshall

Winning America's Future
By Thomas Z. Freedman, Nick Gossen, and Ed Gerrish

Good Growth
By Robert D. Atkinson

Inequality In The New Knowledge Economy
By Robert D. Atkinson


Legal Reform

Compromise on Class Action Reform

The Class Action Fairness Act
By Walter Dellinger

Breakthrough in the Courts?

Tax Reform

Idea of the Week: Letting All Homeowners Benefit from Mortgage Interest Deduction

Idea of the Week: Tax Reform for Higher Education and Training

Close the Tax Gap
By Paul Weinstein Jr.

Democratizing Capitalism
By Austan Goolsbee

Idea of the Week: Family-Friendly Tax Reform


Social Security

Social Security and Medicare Reform for the Twenty-First Century
By Will Marshall

Fixing Social Security
By Will Marshall

A Perfect Fiscal Storm
By Will Marshall

Social Security: Fix it Now
By Will Marshall

Tax Waste, Not Work
By Will Marshall


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Where We Stand on Economic & Fiscal Policy:

New Democrats believe in fiscal discipline, a progressive tax system free of special-interest subsidies, and government budgets that emphasize investments in the country's long-term well-being.

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