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Crime & Public Safety
New Democrats favor a strategy of community-based crime-fighting focused on prevention, reasonable gun control, community-oriented policing and prosecuting, and a new focus on reintegrating offenders into communities as lawabiding and productive citizens.
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DLC | New Dem Dispatch June 8, 2007
Crime Up, COPS Down
It's certainly no time to deny police departments the help they need to turn around the upsurge in violent crime. And we encourage presidential candidates in both parties to make this a serious issue in 2008.

DLC | New Dem Daily September 29, 2004
How to Kill an Idea
Like the recent decision by the Republican congressional leadership to let another initiative strongly supported by police officers, the assault gun ban, go to its grave, the assault on COPS represents the triumph of ideology over ideas, and of partisanship over policies that work.

DLC | New Dem Daily September 9, 2004
Surrendering the Assault Weapons Ban
In the fight to keep military weapons off our streets, the president and his closest friends have simply surrendered.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine January 8, 2004
The Return of Rising Crime Rates
By Jose Cerda III
During the Clinton administration, fighting crime was a top priority. But the Bush administration has put the fight against crime on the back burner. Not surprisingly, crime has started to rise again.

Americans for Gun Safety | Poll October 16, 2003
Winning the Gun Vote
By Mark J. Penn & Peter Brodnitz
By becoming both pro safety and pro gun rights, Democrats can do right on both the politics and policy and make a realignment of a sizeable portion of gun owners possible.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine July 27, 2003
Guns and Values
By Jim Kessler, Matt Bennett, and Jonathan Cowan
Democrats can grab the center of the gun debate. But it's framing the message that matters.

PPI | Testimony May 20, 2003
Can the Use of Factual Data Analysis Strengthen National Security?
By John D. Cohen
Testimony before the House Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and the Census.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine April 15, 2003
CompStat, Version 2.0
By David Billings
A Florida sheriff is using high-tech accountability to dramatically lower crime rates.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine April 15, 2003
First Responders Last
By Rob Lott
Firefighters and EMS workers aren't getting the funds they need. And many are working two and three jobs.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine April 8, 2003
Cop Crunch
By Jose Cerda III
A new DLC study shows that the Bush administration is hollowing out our police forces. While the White House refuses to adequately fund first responders, police face rising crime and terror threats. That's why we need a new vision of law enforcement that makes police key players in homeland security.

DLC | Briefing April 8, 2003
Cop Out: City-by-City Survey Results
City-by-city data for the 44 major urban police departments surveyed in "Cop Out: The Soldiers Bush Forgot," by DLC senior policy adviser Jose Cerda III, a report illustrating the extent of America's cop crunch.

DLC | New Dem Daily March 3, 2003
Bush Blasts Congress for Failing to Rob Paul to Pay Paul
Republicans at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are clearly determined to push state and local law enforcement to the wall at a time when they are not only assuming enormous new homeland security duties, but are also dealing with rising crime rates.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine February 11, 2003
Bill Bratton's New Challenge: Los Angeles
By Rob Lott
Can the police chief who turned around New York and Boston work his magic in gang-riddled L.A.?

DLC | New Dem Daily October 31, 2002
Bratton Lays Down the Law
In appointing William Bratton as the new chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Mayor James Hahn clearly wanted an "impact player" for the LAPD, and it looks like that's what he's got.

DLC | New Dem Daily October 29, 2002
Making a Federal Case Out of Rising Crime
It's time for the news media and Democrats to begin holding the Administration accountable for severe negligence in the face of rising crime.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine September 25, 2002
A Conversation with Martha Coakley on Prosecuting Crime
As the district attorney of Middlesex County, Mass., Martha Coakley represents one quarter of the state's population, including the Boston metropolitan area. Her district's 54 cities and towns all have their own laws and police departments, and working with them all requires a progressive approach. With a reputation as a tough prosecutor, Coakley relies on both prevention and punishment -- with solid results. She talked to Blueprint about her crime-fighting techniques.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine September 25, 2002
Blueprint Profile: Eddie Perez
Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez hopes to build a fully trained, volunteer-based citizen patrol to walk the streets of Hartford, reminding people about the dangers of gun violence and other crimes.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine September 25, 2002
Stop the Revolving Door
By Mark A.R. Kleiman
Accountability for results helped police reduce crime. It's time to try it in corrections as well.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine July 29, 2002
Shooting Straight
By Bruce Reed
If we can holster the notion that the government can take your guns away, we can get back to the business of making America a safer country.

PPI | Policy Report May 23, 2002
Prison Labor: It's More than Breaking Rocks
By Robert D. Atkinson
There is a lot that can and should be done to ensure that workers and businesses benefit in the New Economy. Opposing prison labor is not one of them. In fact, limiting prison labor would lower economic growth, while reducing the effectiveness of prisons to move prisoners to productive and law-abiding lives when they are released.

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