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Energy & Environment

PPI | Policy Report | March 6, 2007 |
The Promise of Biofuels
By David J. Hayes, Roger Ballentine, & Jan Mazurek
Clean burning motor fuels made from homegrown crops hold the potential not just to help break America's oil addiction and curb its greenhouse gas emissions, but also to revitalize its agricultural sector.

PPI | Policy Report | March 6, 2007 |
Plugging Into The Grid
By Joseph Romm & Peter Fox-Penner
If government takes a few smart steps to help spur their commercialization, plug-in hybrids could easily become an important part of American's energy future.

PPI | Policy Report | February, 1 2007 |
The Global Climate Change Marketplace
By David J. Hayes
Creating a domestic cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions will greatly boost the American economy and help to fight global warming.


Idea of the Week: Carbon Limits on Tailpipes

Idea of the Week: Putting Clean Cars On the Fast Track

Idea of the Week: A Progressive Energy Platform

A Progressive Energy Platform
By Jan Mazurek, Roger Ballentine, Randolph Court and Will Marshall

After Oil
By Jan Mazurek


Clean Tech

Plugging Into The Grid
By Joseph Romm & Peter Fox-Penner

The Promise of Biofuels
By David J. Hayes, Roger Ballentine, & Jan Mazurek

How America Lost Its Clean Technology Edge
By Shamarukh Mohiuddin

How New Environmental Technologies Can Stimulate Economic Growth
By David Rejeski

Natural Resources

Electric Wheels
By Joseph Romm and Peter Fox-Penner

Harvesting Fuel
By David Hayes, Roger Ballentine and Jan Mazurek

Idea of the Week: How To Win in the West

Winning the West
By David J. Hayes

Green Gospel
By Jan Mazurek


Emerging Issues

Green Gospel
By Jan Mazurek

Idea of the Week: Responding to China's Power Surge

Ill Wind From China: Rapid Growth Brings Pollution, Higher Gas Prices
By Jan Mazurek

Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture
By Megan M. Susman

Digital Environmentalism
By Mark Greenwood


Idea of the Week: Revitalizing "First Suburbs"

The Role of Road Pricing in Reducing Traffic Congestion
By Robert Atkinson

Getting Unstuck: Three Big Ideas To Get Americans Moving Again
By Robert D. Atkinson

Idea of the Week: HOT Lanes

Suburban Sprawl: Bubbling Up


Climate Change

The Global Climate Change Marketplace
By David J. Hayes

A Change In the Weather

Yes, Virginia, It's Definitely Getting Hot
By Jan Mazurek

A New Clean Air Strategy
By Jan Mazurek

Let's Get Moving On Clean Air and Climate Change


Civic Solutions

Idea(s) of the Week: Going Beyond Green

By Sen. Tom Carper

A New Model of Governance
By Debra S. Knopman and Marc K. Landy

A River Runs Through It
By Bill Bradbury

Civic Environmentalism in Action
By Marc Landy, Megan Susman, and Debra Knopman



A Third Way on Trade and Globalization
By Jenny Bates and Greg Principato

Clean Trade
By Jenny Bates and Debra S. Knopman

Addressing Environmental and Labor Issues in the World Trade Organization
By Steve Charnovitz

These Ties Will Bind
By Gary Burtless, Robert Z. Lawrence, Robert E.Litan, And Robert J. Shapiro

Second Generation Policy

Third Party Auditing of Environmental Management Systems
By Jan Mazurek

Environmental Armistice
By Kathleen A. McGinty

Testimony before the Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs
By Janice Mazurek

The Bush Administration's New Source Review Reforms
By Byron Swift

Back to the Future: How to Put Environmental Modernization Back on Track
By Jan Mazurek


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Where We Stand on Energy and Environmental Policy:

New Democrats believe that abundant and affordable energy, economic prosperity, and across-the-board improvements in environmental quality are compatible goals. Achieving those goals does not require us to choose between markets and government, or between more or less regulation. We must recognize the importance of each.

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