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National Service & Civic Enterprise

PPI | Book | May 23, 2005 |
The AmeriCorps Experiment and The Future of National Service
by Will Marshall and Marc Porter Magee
"We believe AmeriCorps offers an intriguing new way of tackling public problems, but it remains very much a work in progress. The enterprise and its friends can only gain by remaining open to criticism, susceptible to change, and willing periodically to rethink its purposes and rationale."

National Service: A New Democrat Chronology

National Service

The Voluntary Path to Universal Service
By Will Marshall and Marc Porter Magee

The AmeriCorps Experiment and The Future of National Service
By Will Marshall and Marc Porter Magee

AmeriCorps and the Future of National Service

National Service
By Marc Porter Magee

Reinventing Retirement
By Sen. Tom Carper


Common Civic Culture

Civic Togetherness
By Marc Magee

From Preferences to Empowerment
By Will Marshall

In Defense of Civic Culture
By Jim Sleeper

Seymour Martin Lipset RIP

Idea of the Week: Citizenship for "Green-Card Troops"


Civic Enterprise

Empty Promises: The Poverty of Compassionate Conservatism
By Anne Kim and Will Marshall

In God We Trust?
By Lewis D. Solomon and Matthew J. Vlissides, Jr.

Civic Environmentalism in Action
By Marc Landy, Megan Susman, and Debra Knopman

Faith-based Service
By Ronald J. Sider

TurnAround Corps
By Michael Goldstein


Global Civil Society

Civil Society and the World Trade Organization
By Jenny Bates

Creating Corporate Social Responsibility
By Debora L. Spar

Act Globally
By Claude G.B. Fontheim & Jeremy B. Bash

Promoting 'Real' Democracy
By Larry Diamond

The Third Sector in Global Affairs
By Jenny Bates


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Where We Stand:

New Democrats believe in strengthening communities by engaging local, private institutions in government service delivery, and by devolving decision-making powers to local communities in exchange for accountability for nationally-defined results.

Further Reading:

The AmeriCorps Experiment and The Future of National Service

A Blueprint for Civic Enterprise

Blueprint, Spring 1999: 'Civic Action: The Responsibilities of Citizenship'

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