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Work, Family & Community

Policy Report | May 15, 2006 |
Ending U.S. Child Hunger by 2012
By Joel Berg and Tom Freedman
Despite the overwhelmingly positive changes that the Great Society programs have made in the last 50 years, hunger remains a morally shameful presence in our country -- negatively impacting the health, education, and economic welfare of 13 million American families.

DLC Podcast: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius on challenges parents face.

Making Work Pay

Ending U.S. Child Hunger by 2012
By Joel Berg and Tom Freedman

The GOP's Sneaky Welfare Reform Maneuver

Back to Work
By Bruce Reed

Poverty is Back
By Traci Gleason

Poverty and Public Opinion: 10 Lessons for Progressives
By Tom Freedman


Building Community Wealth

Idea of the Week: Letting All Homeowners Benefit from Mortgage Interest Deduction

Graduation Party
By Bruce Reed

How to Grow the Middle Class

Second Act
By Peter Ross Range

Democratizing Capitalism
By Austan Goolsbee


Strengthening Families

Time To Regulate Tobacco

Kids Get Early Stocking Stuffer: Non-deceptive Advertising
By Michele Stockwell

Idea of the Week: Flexible Work Policies

Flexible Work for Strong Families
By Michele Stockwell

Baby Bust
By Phillip Longman


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Where We Stand On Work, Family & Community Issues:

New Democrats believe government should promote two-parent families and parental responsibility, family-friendly workplace policies, tools for helping parents control their kids' exposure to media violence and sex, and resources for helping working families lift themselves out of poverty.

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