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Health Care

A Progressive Plan for Health Care

The Bush administration has responded to the nation's rapidly deteriorating health care system with a bundle of proposals that not only fail to reduce costs, but undermine the very concept of insurance. There is a better way.

- A Progressive Alternative To The Bush Health Care Agenda
- Bush's Health Care Agenda: You're On Your Own
- Survival of the Fittest?: Bush's Darwinian Health Care Agenda
- Fixing America's Health Care System

Consumer Empowerment

Fixing America's Health Care System
By David B. Kendall

Mental Health Reform
By Sen. Tom Carper

The Big Bad Picture on Health Care

Idea of the Week: Boosting Health Care Quality To Cut Costs

Communicating Health Care
By Peter Ross Range


Medicare & Medicaid

Idea of the Week: Fixing, Not Just Cutting, Medicaid

Jeb Bush's Medicaid Cost Shift

A Better Drug Benefit
By Jeff Lemieux

Passing the Feasibility Test: A Low-Income and Catastrophic Medicare Drug Benefit
By Jeff Lemieux

Don't Import Foreign Price Controls on Prescription Drugs
By David B. Kendall


Long-Term Care

Improving Chronic Care in Medicare
By Jeff Lemieux

Medicare Reform: Don't Forget Chronic Care
By Megan Burns, Jeff Lemieux, and Matt Alpert

Declaring War on Chronic Illness
By David B. Kendall

Healthy Aging v. Chronic Illness: Preparing Medicare for the New Health Care Challenge
By David B. Kendall, Kerry Tremain, Jeff Lemieux, and S. Robert Levine, M.D.

What's Your Plan?
By Eric B. Schnurer


The Uninsured

Bush's Dishonest Case For Vetoing S-CHIP

Democrats Getting Health Care Right

Idea of the Week: Expanding Health Care Coverage for Kids

State of the States: Health Care

Massachusetts Raises the Bar for Health Care Reform
By David B. Kendall


Research & Technology

Three Steps Toward a Health Information Network

Building a Health Information Network
By David B. Kendall

Idea of the Week: A Center for Cures

Using Markets to Fight Disease for Development
By Kevin Croke

Idea of the Week: Health Information is Good Medicine


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Where We Stand On Health Care:

New Democrats want to create a market-based, Information Age health care system. Our priorities include: universal coverage for the uninsured, Medicare reform based on competition and expanded benefits -- especially for prescription drugs -- and initiatives to improve quality and empower consumers.

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