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Trade & Global Markets

Regional Issues

The Emerging Asian Union?
By Edward Gresser

Blank Spot on the Map: How Trade Policy is Working Against the War on Terror
By Edward Gresser

Building Trade Capacity in Poor Countries
By Shamarukh Mohiuddin

A Small Step With Big Consequences

Idea of the Week: Redirecting the U.S.-China Trade Relationship


The Globalization Debate

The Facts on Trade Deficits and Jobs
By Doug Karmin

The Truth About Middle Class Jobs
By Stephen J. Rose

By Jessica Milano

Idea of the Week: A Progressive Economic Message

Global Economy Project


Finance & Investment

Idea of the Week: Connecting the Poor

Race to the .... Top?
By Edward Gresser

Putting the U.S. Trade Deficit in Perspective
By Jenny Bates

Trade Deficit Review Commission

International Capital Flows, Foreign Investment, and Trade
By Jenny Bates


U.S. Trade Policy

America's Farm Policies and Their Effects on International Trade
By U.S. Rep. Ron Kind

Idea of the Week: Reviving Trade Policy

Good News On Trade Policy

Raising Our Game
By Edward Gresser

Connecting the Poor
By Shamarukh Mohiuddin and Julie Hutto


World Trade Organization

Fighting the Pirate Boom
By Edward Gresser

Farm Policy and Doha
By Edward Gresser

Testimony of Edward Gresser Before the Senate Subcommittee on International Trade

New World Order
By Robert J. Shapiro

A View From Outside: Russia and the Case for the WTO
By Edward Gresser


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About the Democratic Leadership Council's Global Economy Project

About the Democratic Leadership Council's Trade Project

Where We Stand on Trade & Global Markets:

New Democrats believe in managing globalization to reflect our interests and values, through a combination of open trade, international rules to protect the environment and promote labor standards, and efforts to prepare Americans with the resources they need to compete and succeed.

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