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The New Democrat movement includes a diverse network of elected leaders from around the country. The views expressed in this section of do not necessarily represent those of the Democratic Leadership Council.
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DLC | Speech July 30, 2007
Keynote by Gov. Phil Bredesen at the 2007 National Conversation
By Gov. Phil Bredesen
"Whether the challenge is health care or social programs, or educating our children, or defending our nation, we Democrats can find strength. We can find direction by forgetting about the polls, shutting out the noise, by reaching inside of ourselves in our history."

DLC | Speech July 30, 2007
Remarks by Brian Schweitzer at the 2007 National Conversation
By Gov. Brian Schweitzer
"The next president of the United States is the one that's going to say, we can't afford to invest in the future until we become energy independent"

DLC | Speech July 30, 2007
Remarks by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius at the 2007 National Conversation
By Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
"What people across the country long for is leaders who are willing to be competent at the outset."

DLC | Speech July 30, 2007
Remarks by Sen. Tom Carper at the 2007 National Conversation
By Sen. Tom Carper.
"If we listen to and act on terrific ideas and initiatives that are bubbling up in cities and states and counties across America, we can also figure out how to reduce and eventually eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. And in doing so, we will clean our air too."

DLC | Speech July 30, 2007
Remarks of Harold Ford, Jr. at the 2007 DLC National Conversation
By Harold Ford, Jr.
The only way we're able to govern is that we have to have ideas, ideas, and more ideas. And the better those ideas are, the more improved America will be and the safer the world will be.

DLC | Speech July 30, 2007
Remarks of Martin O'Malley at the 2007 DLC National Conversation
By Gov. Martin O'Malley
"The United States is capable of accomplishing great things, but fear alone has never been a sufficient fuel for our most noble ambitions as a people."

DLC | Speech July 30, 2007
Remarks of President Bill Clinton at the 2007 DLC National Conversation
By Bill Clinton
"[A]s long as the Democrats need to be in the solutions business, there'll be a need for the DLC."

Office of Council Member Yassky | Press Release June 13, 2007
Yassky Named 'New Dem of the Week' for Taxicab Initiative
By David Yassky
The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) named me "New Democrat of the Week" last week. In explaining their choice, the DLC singled out the clean-air taxicab initiative I told you about two weeks ago.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine April 23, 2007
A New Dem in The Big Apple
By David Yassky
Even New Yorkers have a pragmatic political sense. They want solutions that work.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine April 23, 2007
Age Wave
By Janet Napolitano
It's time to prepare for the graying of America.

DLC | Speech March 28, 2007
Remarks of Gov. Martin O'Malley to the Democratic Leadership Council
"Ideas are the renewable fuel of this Democratic republic, and an effective, working government is the needed and essential engine."

Chattanooga Times Free Press | Opinion March 3, 2007
Time for 'Plan B' in Iraq
By Harold Ford, Jr.
We who oppose the president's plan have a responsibility to define a "Plan B" for Iraq.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine January 4, 2007
Ideas, Not Ideology
By Harold Ford Jr.
Voters want a government that works. Democrats must offer ideas for meeting today's challenges -- and shaping the nation's future.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine January 4, 2007
Results Matter
By Rep. Artur Davis
Democrats won in 2006 because voters prefer problem-solvers to ideologues.

Office of Sen. Blanche Lincoln | Press Release November 17, 2006
Lincoln: Congress Should Focus on Legislation to Help America's Working Families
"Government can be a partner that helps to enable working families with the tools they need to build strong, safe families."

DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 18, 2006
Fulfilling the American Dream
By Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
In 2005, Sen. Clinton took charge of the American Dream Initiative, a collaboration to strengthen the middle class. A year later, she unveiled the product of that effort at the DLC's National Conversation.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 18, 2006
Policy Values
By Jason Newman
In his book, "The Compassionate Community," Kentucky State Treasurer makes a convincing and comprehensive case about the roots of progressive policies in Judeo-Christian religious traditions.

Office of Don Cunningham | Speech August 30, 2006
Lehigh County Financial Outlook Presentation
By Donald T. Cunningham, Jr.
Our intention today is to give all of you -- the leaders of our community -- key information regarding our county's financial outlook and direction.

DLC | Speech July 24, 2006
Remarks of Gov. Tom Vilsack at the 2006 DLC National Conversation
By Gov. Tom Vilsack
"[T]he reality is that many of the great solutions to the problems that we face as a nation today are not going to be found on K Street; they're going to be found on the Main Streets of our communities."

DLC | Speech July 24, 2006
Remarks of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton at the 2006 DLC National Conversation
By Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
"Our strength, our economy, our values derive from the promise of America, the promise of lifting yourself up through hard work in a society that rewarded results."

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